Born of Fire

Deep within the desert fortress of Teravax, the leader of a league of assassins summons an ancient evil - a long dead necromancer eating his way back from the lands of the dead. 

Meanwhile, young Will of Asharad finds himself the last and accidental arrival in a new troupe of dragon rider recruits at Aeronoth. He must overcome the sand fiend scars and his past of orphaned servitude if he is ever to become his own true dragon rider and win the love of Misty, the healer who rescued him. 

She is growing too though, learning the ways of combat and thunderhead magic - can Will become the man he needs to be soon enough to keep up with her? 

And together, can they and their band of friends protect the Vale from the rising evil?

Born of Fire was completed in Summer 2016. Cyrus Cromwell is currently looking for the right representation for Born of Fire and the Shadow Dragons trilogy.